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Planting Tips

Planting Instructions

  • Dig a hole 2 times larger than the root ball. 
  • Make a 50/50 mix of your soil and Cape Organic mulch*. 
  • Remove the burlap from the root ball if it is treated.  You may leave it on if it is not treated burlap.
  • Place the ball into the hole and backfill with the soil and mulch mixture, slowly watering until the ground around the root ball is soaked.
  • You may mulch over the top with 2" - 3" of mulch.

*NOTE:   If you don't wish to purchace the Cape Organic mulch, then your own mulch will do just fine.  Just remember to fertilize in the Spring.

Helpful Hints

  • Your tree can be fertilized in the Spring with an appropriate fertilizer.
  • Trim White Pine trees at the end of May, and trim all other trees during dormant months.


Keeping Your Newly Planted Tree
Alive & Healthy

  • Give your tree a deep watering once a week.  A slow trickle from your hose for an hour, over the whole root area will suffice.
  • Avoid excessive traffic on the soil around our newly planted trees.  The roots need air, water and open space in the soil, and too much traffic will collapse the open space in the soil, blocking good glow of air an water to the roots.
  • Remove the ties that connect the tree stakes to your tree after about one year.  Leave the stakes in to protect the tree from mowers.
  • Mulch with a 3" layer of wood chips over the planting site to prevent weeds from invading, robbing the tree roots of nutrients.  Mulching also eliminates the need to mow closely to the tree.
  • Protect the bark.  Scraped or cut bark can invite pests to attack your tree. 
  • Keep the soil natural.  Weed killers and excess fertilizer can harm your trees roots.  Be sure to read labels carefully before applying the products.

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